Prototype 2


The theme is still home.


The new requirement is: push and pull.

As always, feel free to share resources.

With that in mind, here is a useful Game Maker forum thread:

Don’t forget this week’s reading: Finishing a Game.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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13 Responses to Prototype 2

  1. Patrick Ward says:

    Here’s my game, Mega Push. Get MegaMan home with the supplies!

  2. drellassassin says:

    Here’s mine. I had a hell of a time trying to get “pull” to work, I ended up having to settle with the dog using the Force. (Use Space to pull).

    -Alex Bean

  3. Zach Smith says:

    Play as a demon trying to get back home (to hell) by fattening a princess so she continues to fall through the floor.

    Obese Princess:!SAwQQQAI!A9Y0g2VvL6Csfblse4vpWHaPtexVz-mqjSiS3ifxQLk

    – Zach Smith

  4. pangolinscholar says:

    Alone at Home
    I couldn’t get a pull working, and had a heck of a time getting a push function to work.
    The game is beatable, though it may take a few tries to get things just right.
    If it isn’t obvious in the game, Left-click observes objects.
    Talk about a glorious train wreck

    – Joseph Anthony

  5. alexbouvy says:

    Small warning on my game. You move with the arrow keys. press R to restart game. Press e while next to an object will grab it. e on top of the object does…something.

    }-Alex Bouvy

  6. leo7791 says:

    “Push and Pull”
    Plat-former using the elements of magnetic push and pull forces.

    – Michael Stewart.

  7. KWANG HAN says:

    very simple game about rescuing a fish. you can push, and some how you can grab it by scooping it using the wall.


    Not super exciting. It’s about moving in to a new house. I was really close to having a second version ready that included multiple characters that determined what size objects you could move, but I didn’t quite get it worked out in time.

    Sarah Buxkamper

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