Prototype 3


The theme for prototype 3 is:

Titan:The 6th moon of Saturn


The requirement for prototype 3 is:

Two players, one screen. Co-op.

Due date for Prototype 3 is: October 2nd at 1PM.

Good luck, and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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11 Responses to Prototype 3

  1. alexbouvy says:

    Not much to actually do But I made some fun mechanics. Just collect all the samples to win. No enemies in this. I have some interesting ideas about how the sonar and enemies are going to interact that I may add later. Press R to restart.

    }- Alex Bouvy


    Just a little space shooter titled Titanic Escort.

    This game marks the return of the elephant! You must team up to defend the space elephant from being eaten by lion ships. One player controls Saturn, the other controls Titan. Saturn focuses on guiding the team clear of the asteroids, while Titan focuses on destroying incoming lion ships.

    The premise is silly, but you will definitely have to work together to coordinate with your partner.

  3. KWANG HAN says:

    This game is called Escape Titan. You basically need to get through all the enemies to reach the main space ship.

  4. Patrick Ward says:

    This one’s just called “Titan”. It’s a horizontally scrolling space shooter heavily influenced by Gradius. One player focuses on keen piloting and attacking, while the other player attacks and picks up power-ups. The boss takes advantage of the second player’s invincibility, so teamwork is required to take him down.

  5. leo7791 says:

    Here’s mine: ‘A-man and Bean’
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get the players to share the view, so player 2 (Bean) can wonder off the screen.

    My apologies,
    – Michael Stewart

  6. Chris Banks says:

    “Titans of Titan” Side scroller .2nd player protects the giant as it destroys cities.

  7. pangolinscholar says:

    “Power Heroes” A side-scroller where one player must control the ship while the other fires lasers. Defeat King Z to save Saturn and Titan from certain doom

  8. drellassassin says:

    Here’s mine:

    I had a lot of issues getting the game to finish and declare a winner, so for now it goes on indefinitely. Given more time though I feel I could easily iron this out.

    -Alex Bean

  9. Zach Smith says:

    My game is called “NASA HAS RUN OUT OF MONEY!”.

    You and a friend must help NASA get the funding they need to get to the seventh moon of Saturn, Titan! Destroy alien scum as you make your way through 3 grueling quadrants of the universe while upgrading your ship to make it stronger and avoiding the missiles shot by evil aliens!

    If a certain key is pressed on the title screen you can cheat: HINT: It’s the number of times I used “the” in this comment.

    – Zach Smith

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