Failure Analysis


Due: October 16
Format: Double spaced, 12 point – Times New Roman
Think about the four prototypes that you have made so far this semester. Pick the one that you think is the worst and write a 1000 word paper discussing why you consider it a failure.
In your paper be sure to address three things you think are good about your prototype and three that you think are bad.   Additionally, discuss why you think it is the worst and what you would change about the prototype to make it a better game.
Feel free to upload your paper and provide a download link on this post.  Do this only if you are alright with everyone reading your paper, which I encourage but don’t require.
As an alternative,  you may Email your paper to by 1:00 PM on October 16. It should be an attachment to the email, not in the email. Be sure at put ATEC 4367 in the subject line of your email.

-Dr. Christopher

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5 Responses to Failure Analysis

  1. Patrick Ward says:

    Hopefully this download link works. It uploaded super fast, which is normally a problem.

  2. leo7791 says:

    Failure analysis document on the game “Push and Pull”
    – Michael Stewart

  3. Zach Smith says:

    I accidentally posted my failure analysis in the wrong blog post. Here’s a link to where I posted it, you can see the time stamp when it was posted.

    Here is a direct link to the paper for convenience:

    Zach Smith

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