Prototype 5


The theme for this prototype is: Robots.


The requirement is: A self driven system.

This is the only one where you are not concerned with interaction, but with getting the computer to run a small self driven system.

It is due on October 16th and 1PM.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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13 Responses to Prototype 5

  1. Patrick Ward says:

    A solar powered robot with a repeating day/night cycle. There was a lot that went unimplemented in this that I never really could figure out on time.

  2. leo7791 says:

    I took an approach to make a relationship system using the elements/consequences of communication.
    -Michael Stewart


    There is a big bug with the elephant at the moment that just suddenly appeared after some changes I made. I am currently trying to fix it because it was working before.

    • Thank you Joseph for helping me figure out my bug! The system no longer crashes when the elephant destroys a plant. There is still one issue that shows up once all the plant spaces have been filled and then one is removed by the elephant. After that, when the robot tries to grab another pot, the whole game freezes, presumably from an infinite loop. The variables that affect the loop should have been properly reset, so I don’t know exactly what the problem is, but I will have it fixed for Prototype 6.

  4. Chris Banks says:
    Gather wood to build windmills and fortify yourself from angry wolves.

  5. Zach Smith says:

    Robots Just Wanna Have Fun

    Watch robots go to the club and dance! Occasionally they even grab alcohol at the bar!

  6. drellassassin says:

    Here’s my game, where you’ll see a familiar setting and the return of the Roomba.

    -Alex Bean

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