Prototype 6


The theme is still robots.


The requirement this week is: Influence.

Each of you should build a simple and fun game on top of the systems you built for prototype 5.  You may polish those systems, but you may not change them.

I am putting up the post early, for those who would care to turn in the assignments at your leisure. They must still be uploaded no later then 1PM on October   23rd.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher


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15 Responses to Prototype 6

  1. leo7791 says:

    Heres mine
    I added a system that allows players to not only spawn robots at there own pace, but also give players the choice of what kind of robot they would like to add to the community.
    -Michael Stewart

  2. Patrick Ward says:
    I’ve added a resource management system where you successfully grow flowers with the help of your robot. You can also set up a light to keep the robot running longer at night.

  3. KWANG HAN says:

    If you leave it alone, the robot will just go back and forth cleaning the poop that people randomly produce, but the robot will eventually get destroyed by mutated poops.
    You can influence the Robot to change directions to dodge the mutated poops or put on the shield.

  4. pangolinscholar says:

    //Life +
    // Executable – >
    import HealthProtocal
    //Health Protocol initiated

  5. alexbouvy says:

    My game was a bust this time. i wanted to give players terra-forming abilities and the ability to adjust the fire spawn speed and the robot movespeed.
    You can only spawn mini robots and spawn more fire….off-grid.

    -} Alex Bouvy

  6. Zach Smith says:

    In Robots Just Wanna Have Fun (Extended Version!), you are the owner of a robot club who sets the prices for admission and alcohol. Use your money to buy drug dealers that influence the behaviors of your patrons or to buy bouncers that kick out robots who are out of money.

    Zach Smith

  7. Here’s the vanilla version:

    This version has the beginning of an extra system that is unfinished, so I posted V3 in case V4 is buggy:

    • So basically, you can now try to influence what kind of seeds the robot plants. The first seed type will always be selected (that’s the robot’s favorite), and you can choose up to 2 more by clicking on them. Currently, you can’t deselect the seed pouches once you click them, so you have to wait until the robot plants one of your selections before you can choose a new type.

      You can also place a peanut to try and attract the elephant towards a particular spot (1 in 3 chance of working). Click a flower pot or empty flower pot spot to place the peanut there. You can use this to sacrifice less important plants, direct the elephant toward an empty spot, etc.

      There is an incomplete scoring system that adds to a score when a plant is fully grown:
      default shrub = 10
      leafy plant = 20
      yellow flower = 50
      vine/ivy plant = 30
      purple flower = 40

      It is incomplete because there is currently no incentive to not just try to plant as many purple and yellow flowers as possible.

      V4 adds in the butterfly system, which is part of the balance system I have in mind for scoring. Butterflies are attracted by leafy plants, and they themselves are worth 50 points. Currently, the butterfly will just fly across the screen, so the points are so temporary that they don’t really matter right now.

      Your score is reflected in how many stars you have (they appear at the top of the screen). You start with 0. The first shows up when you get 40 points.

      So that’s a little info in case I don’t get to show my game in class.

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