Prototype 7


Theme: Summer Camp


Requirement: Asymmetric Co-operative

Due: 1PM on October 30th

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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11 Responses to Prototype 7

  1. alexbouvy says:

    One player has to fish
    The other player has to drive the boat. I was a little lazy and did not add the second player sprite-your just a boat.

    wasd to move the boat
    left mouse to throw the line out, right mouse when the water around the fish gets active to score

    -} Alex Bouvy

  2. leo7791 says:
    Players must work together to get back to the campsite.

    -Michael Stewart

  3. KWANG HAN says:

    Players must work together to protect and rescue the children

  4. Patrick Ward says:
    The two players must defend themselves from a bear attack on their camp. Player 1 picks apples so that Player 2 can throw them. Look out for those swarms of bears.

  5. pangolinscholar says:

    Here is my game. I may have misunderstood the mechanic requirement.

    – Joseph Anthony

  6. Zach Smith says:

    My worst game so far. Couldn’t get much of anything working right.

    You and a friend play as lunch ladies in the game Cooking Frenzy! One player makes sandwiches for the kids while the other throws them at them! Lose too many lives and you’re done for!

    See how high of a score you can get!

    – Zach Smith


    One player is canoeing (WASD), the other is fishing with the mouse (left click cast, right click hook/hold to reel).

  8. Chris Banks says:
    Defend the camp from invaders and liberate tents

  9. drellassassin says:

    Two boys run away from their camp group to go hunting with their bow from an archery activity. One boy uses the bow, while the other uses food to lure out the various squirrels and deer that inhabit the woods. Go quickly though, because you only have a limited time before you must return to the camp.

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