prototype 8


Theme: Summer Camp


Requirement:  Split screen 2 player PVP

Due: November 6th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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10 Responses to prototype 8

  1. drellassassin says:

    Two boys at summer camp have to build a fire using wood and leaves. Avoid wood and leaves that aren’t dry or dead, as that will reduce the fire. First to get to the third stage of fire size wins.

    This game was probably my least favorite, it took forever for me to come up with an idea for the game, and a lot of the work on it was spent juggling all the different variables that were required. This prohibited me from implementing various things that I wanted to put in, such as an ax to chop down trees with and s’mores that would temporarily boost your speed (sugar rush).

    -Alex Bean

  2. Patrick Ward says:

    Return to Camp to fight even more bears in Mauling Bears Simulator.

  3. Zach Smith says:

    Welcome to camp! Race the other campers to prove your superiority in the game Camp Race!

    – Zach Smith


    Compete with your friend to see who can TP more cabins! Just don’t get caught by the camp staff!

    Player1: WASD and E to throw TP when standing on the corner of a cabin porch.
    Player2: and Enter to throw TP when standing on the corner of a cabin porch.

  5. Chris Banks says:
    player 1 wasd for movement, q to fire balloon
    player 2 arrow keys for movement, shift to fire

  6. alexbouvy says:

    wasd and arrow keys to move.
    Get to the building to win, avoid the lights/patrols
    -} Alex Bouvy

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