Hello World


Welcome to this semester’s rapid prototyping course.  Please use this first post to test out linking to downloads of your Gamemaker “hello world” files.  Be sure and sign you posts with your real names, so that we will know who is who in class. The file name format should be as follows:


If your game needs to install then use:


Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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19 Responses to Hello World

  1. Sean Fagan says:

    Game 1. Changed click mechanic, now spawns a ‘bumper’. Bump clown into things to win.

    Game 2. Enemy3 kamikazes occasionally.

  2. Albert Chang says:

    Here’s some of the shooter… having trouble with the drawing stuff

    • Be sure to destroy the bullet when it hits the enemy plane. You also may want to slow them down some, as they come very fast. Starting with so many planes, brings the difficulty up with them moving as fast as they do.

  3. Jocelynn Hall says:

    Here are the three Hello World files! There is some kind of bug in the shooter, but I can’t replicate it….

    ~Jocelynn Hall

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