Prototype 1

Collin Creek Mall

Theme: The Mall


Requirement: Multiple problems with multiple solutions.

Due date: February 4th

File name: <LASTNAME>-Prototype<#>.exe

If it needs to be installed the name should be: <LASTNAME>-Prototype<#>-INST.exe

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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26 Responses to Prototype 1

  1. Albert Chang says:

    I would like to know how to end the game with a win screen, also a loading page for instructions would be awesome.

  2. Blake Philley says:

    My game has suddenly stopped being able to run, the only thing that happens is an empty compiler window pops up and the game doesn’t run, could someone else try running this to see if it works? I’ve included all the files in the link.

    Also if anyone knows of any solutions, that would be much appreciated. I’ve looked around through the internet and all I’ve discovered so far is a very long complicated process.

    • Albert Chang says:

      Have you tried re-creating the app? I had a similar issue where my file wouldn’t work and remaking the .exe fixed it. As it is currently I wouldn’t know where to begin helping.

    • It might help, too, if you could zip the folders together. Otherwise, we have to download the files individually then recreate each folder with the correct files inside of them.

  3. Chris Vrana says:

    Anyone else having the issue of “Game Maker needs to authenticate once a month” BS but the authentication thing apparently doesn’t exist yet? Because they put in the application to check before they put in the solution to fix it, which is dumb.

    I’m having trouble making the game because of this bull.

    • Mostly, my issue with Game Maker is getting it to open. I’ve read through countless threads about how to fix the problem but none of them are sure-fire ways that work. In the end, the only solution for me is to launch the program 100+ times. The computer eventually realizes that you are trying to load the program and loads it but only after nearly freezing your computer.

      Each load takes up 20MB of memory, which is why after 300 launches, using up 6GB of memory the computer nearly freezes. The pain after that is figuring out which instance of the Game Maker application you can close without terminating the one that finally worked (it’s never the first or last one you attempted). I’m resorting to keeping the program launched 24/7 now, so I can do my projects. It took me nearly 2.5 days to load the program for this project. Which also means, I have to run the EXE file on a separate computer, to test if it works on a computer that doesn’t have GM: Studio loaded on it.

  4. Could use some work. No instructions but should be easy to figure out. Don’t run into the cops, basically. Kick the other mall-goers. I really hate going to the mall and the people there usually make me want to kick something. So let’s kick the people there! 4 rooms to the game.

  5. Blake Philley says:

    Managed to get my game up and running and relatively workable. For anyone who has the same issue, if you create an installer, it should fix your issue and allow you to run your game, albiet, it takes awhile, but it works.

  6. tms102020 says:

    Thayne Solcher Prototype 1

    It’s pretty simple, unoriginal and easy as hell, but it works and I’ll take that as a win.

  7. Sean Fagan says:
    Tried to make a game that was way too complicated… Doesn’t quite work. 😦

    • Sean Fagan says:

      The idea was to create a Tower Defense game where the ‘towers’ are shops. Some shops would attract customers to the mall (“planned”), while others would keep customers in the mall (“impulse”). The object is to get as much money as possible/let as little money escape the mall as possible.

      I spent all my time programming customers to walk to shops, and to spawn according to how many shops there are. So I ran out of time before setting up the shops that would keep customers inside the mall (impulse), and programming shops to effect customers based on color.

  8. Kenneth Marshall says: Spent more time world building my game then actually on the end. Point is you only have a limited amount of time and money to have as much fun as possible at the mall. Problems are the time and money, solutions are what you can spend it on.

  9. Jocelynn Hall says:

    You can’t win, but you can obtain all the items…. It’s a little buggy

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