Prototype 2

Collin Creek Mall

Theme: the mall


Requirement: Ye old Side scroller

Due date: 4PM February 11

Reading: Be ready to discuss the article “Finishing a Game

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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27 Responses to Prototype 2

    • Albert Chang says:

      minor bug: if you go upstairs and walk to left edge of the first room.
      I didn’t understand the water gun stopped bullies movement only. Also it only shoots to right.
      Pretty cool though.

  1. Current state of game has limited objects to interact with and no sounds.

    • Albert Chang says:

      Might want to increase the borders on view, since enemies have ranged attacks, players need more warning about bullets. Also enemies can spawn right in front of you and kill you without warning, so health or lives might be helpful. As it currently is there is no point killing anyone since it neither gives you back health or points, and if you reach the end of the level and kill those guarding it you can’t actually leave the room. So far so good.

  2. Albert Chang says:

    Can’t figure out why my sprite animations don’t animate… they are done same way as last time… oh well.

    • Albert Chang says:

      The controls are obvious but if you don’t jump initially there is no saving yourself once near the end of the platform and if you were caught unexpected you pretty much lose 5 seconds into the game. Create a room before this one with an object that says when is pressed proceed to next room. That way, i can start the game when I’m ready also use this room to show game controls.

      Suggestion : Use yellow or another color for the platforms since most of the buildings have a pink hue.

      Minor bug: it keeps repeating that I died after I die. Double check that your message isn’t embedded in an infinite loop.

      • Albert Chang says:

        nevermind: Pink was fine I just didn’t get it initially. I like that you can bounce on the cars… was that intentional? Also your coffees have the same looping issue.

  3. tehwilburforce says:
    Here’s mine. Only play-tested, but all of the dialogue boxes work in all scenarios.

  4. Zack Lambert’s Prototype 2. One of the enemies decided to go against my will, and not actually hurt the player.

  5. tms102020 says:

    Thayne Solcher, Prototype 2. I was struggling a bit with getting a solid idea, and getting game maker to respond… But I’m really happy with the results. It’s actually kind of challenging and fun 😀

    I need to work on my environments and arts assets more, I think, although I did make some half decent sprites this time! I had fun doing it too.

  6. tms102020 says:

    For those who need some guidance, here’s a guy with a couple nice tutorials for basics and such 😀

  7. adalovescode says:

    It’s honestly nowhere near where I wanted it to be. I wasted too much time failing at getting moving platforms to actually move the character. D:

    I had trouble trying to make the camera follow the player while at the same time stay center with the player.

  9. Kenneth Marshall says: Had trouble with global variables and random elements.

    • Jocelynn Hall says:

      You were supposed to be able to press space and jump into a plant/trash can and then press alt to get out of the object. The problem is that pressing space while standing on the plant/bin doesn’t actually remove the player and pressing alt crashes the game.
      So generally, just avoid the salesmen…..

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