Prototype 7


Theme: Saturday Morning Cartoons


The <player character> and their trusty <vehicle>.

Due: March 25

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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13 Responses to Prototype 7

    Controls are WASD. Enter to get into vehicle or leave it. Goal is to destroy all the blocks. Player destroys them but moves slowly. Car moves swiftly but blocks bounce off car.

  2. Jocelynn Hall says:

    arrow keys to move, space to shoot, alt when standing next to cart to enter it ,C + arrow keys to use boosters while in the cart, V when out of vehicle to call cart to you.
    Goal is to get rid of all the bad guys without killing any civilians. (Don’t kill the blond chicks)

  3. tms102020 says:

    Thayne Solcher: Prototype 6

    arrows and space… ABSURDUM!!!

  4. Anthony Laurienti: Prototype 7
    Collect the lost Garbage Pale Kids Cards.
    Use space to rise the longboard.

  5. adalovescode says:

    A & D to move / E to get on the bike / Space to jump (only while on the bike)

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