Prototype 8


Theme: Saturday Morning Cartoons


Requirement: Split screen multiplayer co-operative.

Due: April 1st

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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14 Responses to Prototype 8

  1. trostka15 says:

    Kyle Trost
    Pull levers to help each other get to the center of the temple and claim the pharaoh’s treasure. Player 1 on the left moves with WASD and pulls levers with E. Player 2 on the right moves with IJKL and pulls levers with U.

  2. Sean Fagan says:

    Argh, I didn’t remember the prompt correctly. I’ve been making a /competitive/ multiplayer game.

  3. tms102020 says:

    Thayne Solcher: Protoype 8

    Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap… I didn’t realize it was supposed to be co-op, not competitive -.-

  4. Anthony Laurienti Prototype 8:
    player 1: move: W, S, A, D. Shoot:G
    player2: move: arrow keys. Shoot: space bar

  5. Jocelynn Hall says:

    Super Walmart Girl controls: WASD and space to shoot
    McDonalds Man controls: arrow keys and Shift to shoot
    Left click to use the joint super power
    Don’t die….

  6. Conan controls: WASD, space (slash), CTRL (ride chopper), SHIFT (dismount chopper)
    Lothar controls: IJKL, Enter (slash), 0-pad (ride chopper), + pad (dismount chopper)

  7. Blake Philley says:

    My game has stopped compiling so this is an older, unfinished version. Hopefully this one works.

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