Final Project: Milestone 1


Today you will discuss the user experience flow for your game.

Please attach the necessary images to this post.  Additionally, attach an upload of your debugged game.


Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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31 Responses to Final Project: Milestone 1

  1. trostka15 says:

    Kyle Trost
    I’m having some trouble with the shovel on the blue rover spawning inside of movable boulders, and I have unfortunately exhausted every fix that I can think of.

    UX Diagram


  2. Current Flow Chart:
    Still working on Title Screen, so I’m using Controls page as main screen currently. There is no lose condition; you play until you win.

    • Issues still with all enemies attacking. Only the first created enemy attacks.

      • Figured out my issue. Apparently someone on yoyo’s forums had the same problem just a few days before our class with the exact same problem. Their solution also fixed my problem. This is just for FYI, in case someone else has this issue with their current or future game creation endeavors.

        My problem code:
        if (irandom_range(1, 10) == 1)
        instance_create(obj_Fighter1.x, obj_Fighter.y, obj_EarthBullet)

        The fix was quite simple:
        if (irandom_range(1, 10) == 1)
        instance_create(x, y, obj_EarthBullet)

        After I took out the “obj_Fighter.” from the x and y coordinates, the fighter jets all started firing properly. Since I thought I needed to tell Game Maker to create the bullet at the actual object’s XY coords, my issue started. The yoyo forums didn’t explain the logic behind it but this worked for me, so I hope it helps others as well.

  3. Jocelynn Hall says:

    My debugging failed really badly….I figured out at the last minute that there are still three bugs (don’t ride the cart through the doors to Walmart; the health bar only works for one enemy; and there is a stray bullet in the beginning) -_-

    • Here’s the code I’m using to bring my Fighter Jets closer to the player.
      Before the code, I use a D&D Step to Avoid:
      This data is all under the Enemy Fighter jets themselves (like your people you have running to the end of the map).
      Applies to: Obj_Earth_Fighter1
      x = 0, y = 0, speed = 0, avoid = solid only. Relative NOT checked.

      //Fighter closes distance to player then stops moving. Remember the Step to avoids might make them move
      if (distance_to_object(obj_player1) > 100)
      // obj_player1 would be the destination of your wave of bad guys
      move_towards_point( obj_player1.x, obj_player1.y, 8 );
      //Enemy will always move towards player if > 100 pixels.
      move_towards_point( obj_player1.x, obj_player1.y, 0);
      //Enemy Stops moving when closer than 100 pixels. This section not likely relevant to your game.

      image_angle = point_direction(x,y,obj_player1.x,obj_player1.y) //Enemy Fighter will always face player.
      // Use if your units need to move their angle, rather than their head always aligned with the top and their feet along the bottom.

      // Fighter Attacks Player
      if (distance_to_object(obj_player1) < 500)
      if (irandom_range(1, 10) == 1)
      instance_create(x, y, obj_EarthBullet)
      // Don't remember if your enemy waves fought back or not, so I left this code in.
      // Hope you find this to be of some assistance. 🙂

  4. tehwilburforce says:

    Anyone know what the format for the asset list needs to be and what information needs to be on there?

    • Sean Fagan says:

      And when is the asset list due? I thought it was the week after this, but I’m not a reliable source at all about things like this.

  5. Think I’ve finished mine but wanted to post it here, so others can see if they find any bugs.
    Couple of songs that are not part of the controls (Easter Eggs). F1 F2 to play the 2 songs. F5 to stop them.

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