Final Project: Milestone 2


Today you will give your 45-60 second elevator pitch.

Please attach the following to this post:

The latest build of your game.

An asset list that details the animations your game has.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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17 Responses to Final Project: Milestone 2


    Asset LIst:
    Conan – slashing and walking
    Teens – walking slowly
    Fattys – riding in a kart
    Spritzers – walking and spraying perfume
    Samplers – squatting and flinging food samples
    Store Patrons – walking, then running out of stores/out of mall
    Unsupervised Kids – hyperactively ping-ponging everywhere
    Passive Parents – talking/texting on cell phones, drinking lattees
    Portal – Opening to level/Closing to level

  2. Jocelynn Hall says:
    I fixed all the bugs from last week but this week has new problems. I tried to implement a new spawning system for the enemy so sometimes he gets caught in walls…. Also, I never got a chance to fix the win state, so you just play forever.

    Asset List:
    Super Walmart Girl: walking
    Super Walmart Girl in cart: fire on the cart’s boosters and waving cape on super walmart girl
    Cart when moving: fire on the boosters
    Cart while using boosters: bigger flames
    Badguy: running/ flashing sprite for when injured
    Civilians: walking/ flashing sprite for when injured


    Asset List:
    Ships 1 & 2: Shooting; Moving up, down, left, right; 360 degree facing; charged attack.
    Four planets: Shooting, Moving along path, Create fighters.
    Earth: Rotation of planet.
    Enemy Fighters: Move towards player that caused them to be created; shooting; avoid other fighters. Destroyed when opposite player attacks the other player’s fighter.
    Asteroids: Move across map; split when hit by player; destroy self when hit by planetary attacks (and fighters).
    Arrows: Pointers to indicate where each planet is located: shown for both players within view.

    Audio: Choice of songs to play (2 total by pressing F1 or F2).

    Player scores, enemy counter, asteroid counter.

  4. Albert Chang says:
    Asset List:
    Red-shirt sprite has walking animation
    Each turret have still animation and shooting animation
    Only the electricity has an animation the other bullets have only 1 frame when moving
    Spacebar button has a red and green setting
    The missile has a blast animation which defines the area it hits

  5. tehwilburforce says:

    Anybody know if we need to have a postmortem paper along with the final version of our game today? I didn’t hear anything about one, but I wanted to make sure since it’s on the syllabus.

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