Prototype 4


Theme: Space Ship(s)


Mechanic: 1 compound statistical incident and 1 isolated statistical incident

Due: October 15th at 4PM

Filename: <Lastname>-Prot4-<title>-Gold.exe

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 4

    • Just as I post I find a bug right away. The enemies will go into the incorrect direction when they are hit. It’s a math problem happening somewhere so it should be simple enough to fix, but I figured that since it actually makes juggling easier, since they are sent toward you and not away, I’ll just leave it for this version. Just imagine you’re doing some sort of backflip kick or something.

  1. Tomer Braff says:

    Tomer Braff: General Direction
    WASD to move, Up arrow to shoot. I did not have as much time to work on this as I would have liked as I was in LA for indieCade schmoozing it up, but I do like the central concept of movement vs. combat prowess.

  2. John Barard (Dalton Irwin) says:

    Here’s mine, Lost in Space. – Dalton Irwin

    It’s pretty similar to the game I made last week, just with a few new mechanics and sprites (and the level layouts are all new, of course).

  3. James Pappas says:

    A quick and dirty sequel, of sorts, to last week’s prototype. A bit hastily thrown together, due to my desktop blue-screening on Monday. There is one non-game-breaking bug.

  4. Colt Bush says:

    I didnt even remotely finish it. But better than a zero, I guess.

  5. Kevin Malvaez says:

    Space Adventure

    Ran out of time, did not complete the entry


    Kevin Malvaez

  6. Hannah Drury says:

    Hannah Drury – The game broke basically right before it was due.

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