Prototype 6


Theme: EGA graphics
64 colors
Resolution: 640 X 480
Text: 8X8


Mechanic: 26 keys on the keyboard

Due: October 29nd at 4PM

Filename: <Lastname>-Prot6-<title>-Gold.exe

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 6

  1. John Barard (Dalton Irwin) says:

    Dalton Irwin’s Card Match –

    Pretend the crudely-drawn cursive D’s are less crudely drawn.

  2. Andrew Wells says:

    Alright! This is my project, which turned out to be mostly a pain behind the curtain:

  3. James Pappas says:

    Submitted late because it didn’t meet specifications until now.

    prototype of a mafia-themed typing game
    When blue cursor is blinking, type along with the red line of text.
    Only letter keys (A-Z) are used. Punctuation and spaces are ignored.

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