Final Project: Milestone 1


For Milestone 1 you will discuss the user experience flow for your game.

Please attach the necessary images to this post.  Additionally, attach an upload of your debugged game.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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16 Responses to Final Project: Milestone 1

  1. Game:

    Planned Architecture:

    Currently, the game has a main menu screen, a tutorial level, and two more levels. The rest of the planned architecture is still in development, so the current version has placeholder win/lose messages, and crashing into an asteroid puts you back to the main menu.

  2. John Barard (Dalton Irwin) says:

    Here’s a link to the folder with my game executable, and a jpg with the menu layout.
    -Dalton Irwin

    Hope that’s the image we were supposed to provide.

  3. Nathaniel Propp says:

    Milestone 1 Game
    w and s -aim
    c- shoot
    x-deploy troops
    d- dump scolding oil

    player 2
    p and l – aim
    m -shoot
    n – deploy troops

    Flow Chart

  4. Andrew Wells says:

    Here’s my general experience flow and the debugged game (the original iteration).

  5. Here’s the debugged game executable. There isn’t any visible changes but I did some optimization that’ll make the changes later on easier

    And heres the planned UX flow. I didn’t know if we had to make an image or not but I just made a text document.

  6. James Pappas says:

    Late turn-in, because I was working on the game and kind of forgot about this part of the assignment


    Current stable release of prototype (Identical to prototype three plus music, with some excess unused code):

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