Final Project: Milestone 2


Wednesday, December 10th: You will give your 45-60 second elevator pitch.

Here are the rules:

For every second under 45 you lose 2 points.

For every second over 60 you lose 2 points.

You can choose: Easy/Medium/Hard.

Easy: Starting score is 90 and you can say um up to 3 times in under 10 seconds before I reset you.

Medium: Starting score is 100 and you can say um up to 2 times before I reset you.

Hard: Starting score is 110 and I will reset you if you say um even once.

Every reset costs you 10 points.

After your third failed attempt, I simply give you a 60 and you are done.

This score will be make up 15% of the grade on your final project.

Please attach the following to this post:

One single image for you to display while you pitch.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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16 Responses to Final Project: Milestone 2

  1. John Barard (Dalton Irwin) says:

    Here’s my picture:

    Hope it’s an acceptable resolution.
    -Dalton Irwin

  2. 2 Bros and a Spaceship

  3. Nathaniel Propp says:

    Nathaniel Propp

  4. Andrew Wells says:

    Ready to roll!

  5. Here is the screenshot

    And since I have to do my presentation today also, here is the latest version of my game

  6. James Pappas says:

    Elevator pitch graphic:

  7. Jacob Blankenship says:

    Game Cap:

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