Final Project: Final game build.


The final version of your game must be posted by 4PM on December 17th. Your final game should follow the naming convention:


You should also provide a link to download your post mortem. The post mortem should be between 1 and 2 pages, or about 600 words. Use 12 point font and double spacing. Additionally:


Your personal thoughts/experience making the game. What did you think could have been improved? What did you have to cut and why? What did you learn about this game type?


Complain about limits of time, the game prompts, or the game engine.

The name of the file should be:


Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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17 Responses to Final Project: Final game build.

  1. Tomer Braff says:

    Braff – Post Mortem:

    Braff – Rockets Final game –

    It was a fun semester, definitely learned a lot throughout all the projects. Looking forward to what the rest of ATEC has to offer.

  2. Andrew Wells says:

    Alright, here we go! Hope it all works okay and such, I don’t think I overlooked anything…

    And the post mortem is here:

    Thanks for everything! It’s been a rather smashing time, I’ve got to say XD

  3. John Barard (Dalton Irwin) says:

    Alright, here’s my final game:

    And my post mortem for it:

    Enjoyed my time in this course (it certainly had my favorite assignments from this semester). Hope you guys have a great Christmas Break!

  4. Kevin Malvaez says:

    Final Game

    Post Mortem

    Had a great time in this class and I think it has only made me a better game designer. Hope everybody has an awesome Winter Break! Hopefully I see some of you guys next semester! Cheers!
    -Kevin Malvaez

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