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Prototype 2

Theme: School Mechanic: One player, 3 or more playable characters. During the game, the player must be able to switch between 3 or more characters. Due: February 3rd 4PM Name: <LastName>-Prot2-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe Good luck and have fun. -Dr. Christopher Results: Advertisements

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Prototype 1

Theme: School Mechanic: Different rooms with different problems Note: Don’t forget that your screen size must be 800 x 600 or less. File Name: <LastName>-Prot1-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe Due: 4PM January 27 Good luck and have fun. -Dr. Christopher Results:

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Hello World

Use this post to attach your Game Maker tutorial games.  Feel free to ask questions and give each other advise in the comments.  Be sure and name your file as follows: <LASTNAME>-HW1.exe <LASTNAME>-HW2.exe   -Dr. Christopher

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