Prototype 1


Theme: School


Mechanic: Different rooms with different problems

Note: Don’t forget that your screen size must be 800 x 600 or less.

File Name: <LastName>-Prot1-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe

Due: 4PM January 27

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher



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42 Responses to Prototype 1

  1. Michael McIntosh says:
    A sneak peek at my project. Got the first half finished, the second half is still currently being worked on. Can’t wait to see everyone’s products!

  2. Tyler Mitchell says:

    Here is the Final Version of my prototype.

    Tyler Mtichell

  3. Adam Carr says:

    Here’s my final for this game.
    Move with the arrows and shoot with the space bar.

    • Michael McIntosh says:

      Check to make sure you’re giving the correct link. I don’t have permission to access this folder. Right click the file on your google drive and select share, then click sharable link. That is the link you want to use.

  4. alvarorotea says:

    the comment is the real one sorry guys

  5. Kyle Ruffin says:
    Meant to be a game about disciplining/encouraging students and teachers with shouts. Hold ctrl to charge.

    Spent way too much time on camera stuff and not enough time on the actual game.

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