Prototype 5


Theme: UAV(s) & UGV(s)


Mechanic: self-driven dynamic simulation

Once launched your game should require no input and be self-sustaining without being repetitious.

Filename: <Lastname>-Prot5-<title>-FINAL.exe

Due: February 24th at 4PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 5

  1. Tyler Mitchell says:

    Here is the prototype for week 5
    –Tyler Mitchell

  2. tolbby says:

    Michael McIntosh


    Learned how to identify objects by their instance ID, allowing more game possibilities such as making an RTS.

    • tolbby says:

      Yellow dots are automated ground vehicles, green dots are automated air vehicles.
      Red boxes are boxes that can travel by land, purple boxes are boxes that can travel by air.
      the vehicles will pick up the boxes and bring them to their desired location (The boxes know) ground vehicles will wait for air vehicles to pick up purple boxes before moving on.
      If there are no boxes at a location, they will move to a different location in hopes of it having boxes.

  3. Adam Carr says:

    Here’s my prototype for this week.

    The premise is that the rectangles are rovers tasked with keeping the Alien population reasonable. The cross-hair is a UAV that drops in more rovers as needed.

  4. Charles Wenzel says:

    Lots of snow out there, I assume we’re turning these in even though we don’t have class.

    Final for the week!

    Landscape is randomly generated, the UGV’s attempt to build a bridge of crates, the UAV tries to stop the bridge’s completion by shooting the UGV’s, the UGV’s attempt to dodge the bullets.

  5. Michael Del Rosario says:

    Final Prototype:

    Unfortunately, I wanted to include obstacles that require the car to move around, but I had trouble trying to include feature that in.

    – Michael Del Rosario

  6. Stefan Herrmann says:

    Final Prototype:

    Was suppose to have a timer that would restart but was not able to put it in

  7. Kyle Ruffin says:

    Here’s what I have The UAV is totally there and is so important you just can’t see it guys

    they’re collecting artifacts (“ART”) from the ruins of an alien culture on a distant planet

    • Kyle Ruffin says:

      Oh yeah, and press “R” to restart, forgot to put that anywhere.

      The land mech loves making lifts because, bro, do you even lift?

      I don’t lift so I don’t get it. Can you tell me?

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