Prototype 6


Theme: UAV(s) & UGV(s)


Mechanic: Influence and sustainability.

For this one you must build a system that allows you to influence your UAV(s) and UGV(s) without any direct control.  Once again, the simulations you are influencing should be self-sustaining without being repetitious. You may use your simulations form Prototype 5 if they fit the bill.  I would strongly recommend those of you who went with “robots kill each other” as a solution to Prototype 5 should create a different goal for your UAV(s) and UGV(s).

Filename: <Lastname>-Prot6-<title>-FINAL.exe

Due: March 3rd at 4PM.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher


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22 Responses to Prototype 6

  1. Gavin says:

    So here is my prototype last week reworked a bit to fit this weeks requirements. I’d love to hear some feedback as I’m not sure what else I can really do with it.

    • Edrei Espinosa says:

      well everything looks like it interacts with each other accordingly, but I’m not sure what I’m assuming is the UGV is supposed to be doing. It sometimes looks like it moves around aimlessly, and moving is all it does. If you feel like you have the time I’d try adding extra action taken by the UGV. *thumbs up*

    • Gavin says:

      This build is my final by the way.

  2. Daven Tsai says:

    Final prototype for the week.
    You can place fake bombs to lead the UGVs away from the bombs that they’re trying to disarm. Successfully allow 5 real bombs to go off and the game resets.


    Here is my Final Game for Prototype 6. Water Recycle. Left Click to start. Left Click the bottom left and right buttons to influence the world.

  4. Charles Wenzel says:

    UGV’s try to build a path with crates like before, but the UAV has to cement the blocks first before they can place more!
    The environment will randomly shoot meteors down that the UGV’s try to avoid.

    Clicking on the tent door on the left will create new UGV’s.
    Right clicking anywhere will create a meteor at the top of the screen.
    R resets the simulation, generating a new landscape and random seed.

  5. Joseph Ulfsrud says:


    QWE influences UAV
    ASD influences UGV & UAV
    ZXC influences UGV

    R to reset, left click to place more burnable objects

  6. tolbby says:

    Michael McIntosh

    Still buggy, but this is the final version

  7. Edrei Espinosa says:

    Prototype 6:
    Camera changes every 30 seconds if you do nothing.
    If you want to change the camera yourself press
    Press and hold to view the “User Cam,” in this mode press to emit targets.
    (Note: I ran into a bug working on this mechanic, and could not overcome it, the game will most likely crash when after the UAV destroys your target)
    When not crashed, you can press to restart the game.!3300&authkey=!ADPrVG3hJokhDRo&ithint=file%2cexe

    • Edrei Espinosa says:

      none of my the buttons came out in my comment…
      Press ‘W’ is to switch the “Auto Cam”
      Press and hold ‘S’ to switch to the “User Cam” in this cam press ‘A’ and ‘D’ as left and right.
      Press ‘R’ to restart the sim.

  8. Stefan Herrmann says:

    The program is not complete and the helicopter was suppose to return to base but could make it to work

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