Prototype 10


Theme: “I hope we solve this mystery.”

sword of the6

Mechanic: Crafting system.

Filename: <Lastname>-Prot10-<title>-FINAL.exe

Due: April 7th at 4PM.

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 10

  1. Tyler Mitchell says:

    Here is the final version of the prototype
    –Tyler Mitchell

  2. Daven Tsai says:
    Use left click to choose items, space to craft.


    here is my final for the week. press q and e to craft. press a and d to shoot. press left and right arrow keys to rotate and the up and down arrow keys to move up or down.


    wasd to move, space to exit car, left click on item and right click to combine.

  5. Stefan Herrmann says:

    Prototype 10

    WASD is movement
    E is to craft the blade and pole
    Q is to craft the rope and branches

  6. Gavin says:

    Here is my final for this week. Use WASD to move, ‘E’ to interact with things, and ‘C’ to open the crafting menu. You need to craft your own equipment from stuff lying around to investigate the murder scene.

  7. Charles Wenzel says:

    Final for the week.
    WASD to move, Mouse to click on things, Tab to access inventory.

  8. Michael Del Rosario says:
  9. tolbby says:

    Michael McIntosh

    WASD or Arrow keys, whichever you want.
    Mouse to interact with object, drag and drop.

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