Prototype 1

Back Yard

Theme: Backyard


Mechanic: 1 room with multiple (2-4) problems that have multiple (2-4) solutions.

Name: <LastName>-Prot1-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe
Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600
Due: September 9th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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22 Responses to Prototype 1

  1. michaelh2325 says:

    +Rabid Badgers
    +Rabid Eagles

    +Run away(for both)
    +Drown badgers in pool
    +Incinerate eagles on electrical wires

    -Michael Howarth

  2. Alex Curtis says:


    Arrow keys = Move
    Spacebar = Shoot Fireballs

  3. Sean K says:

    BBQ of Death

    Follow the instructions to download, had to use a funky workaround.

  4. Just a practice game to get used to Gamemaker.

    Problems – balls + moat + ?
    Solutions – y’know, dodge ‘n stuff

    Problems: Opossums and Raccoons
    Solutions: Shoot tranqs or set traps (for both)
    -Shelby Koenig

  6. Blake Butler says:
    Problems: Dirty Car and Dying Plants
    Solutions: Spray w/ water or Do it yourself
    Controls: WASD to move
    Spacebar to spray Water
    -Blake Butler

  7. Raul Guarda says:

    Raul Guarda

    Left/Right Arrow – movement
    Space Bar – Jump

  8. Vienna Le says:

    Save the tiny bunny at the other side of the screen before it sinks offscreen!
    Use the carrot above ground for speed boosts.
    Run into the Dog and it’s Game Over.
    Rocks will block your way.

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