Prototype 7


Theme: Lovecraft


Mechanic: Doors and keys that aren’t.

Name: <LastName>-Prot7-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe
Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600
Due: October 21st at 1PM

-Good luck and have fun.

Dr. Christopher

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23 Responses to Prototype 7

  1. Raistmere says:

    For those that want a breakdown of Lovecraft’s stories:

    Dream Cycle:

    Cthulhu Mythos:

    Good Luck 😀

  2. Matthew Nguyen says:

    Matthew Nguyen
    Collect knowledge to get closer to the Great old one

  3. Alex Curtis says:

    The Dreaming City

    Arrow Keys – Move
    Z – interact with objects
    Spacebar – use ‘Scythe’

  4. Vienna Le says:

    The Fish People
    Use Arrow Keys to Move
    Press ‘N’ for The Notes(Instructions)

  5. Zackery Leaman says:


    -Zackery Leaman

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