Final Project: Tech support


Please feel free to use this post to ask each other questions and provide links to usefull resources for finishing your final projects.


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17 Responses to Final Project: Tech support

  1. michaelh2325 says:

    Single room construction of “the map” from prototypes 9 & 10 for anyone who needs it.

    Walls align to 32×32 grid spaces.

  2. Is anyone else having an issue with the new update of game maker? Every time i try to run my game I just get a black screen. If I click around on it bits of color come up but that’s it and I don’t know what to do

  3. Zackery Leaman says:

    Is anybody else having problems seeing their comment on the elevator pitch? I turned my stuff in twice now but it is still not showing up. 😦

  4. Matthew Nguyen says:

    Here is the Smart Lighting engine that I used for my game if anyone is interested.
    Includes gml with all scripts to import and examples showing how it works.


  5. Beth Weeren says:

    Here is a base movement code with sprite change if you need help with it. (diagonal movement can be used but the sprites are not added)

  6. Juni says:

    Please let me know if anyone is looking for a demonstration partner for the final project! Let’s help each other out, yea?

    Juni Kim
    (my game is The Temple)

  7. Hey is there anyone willing to play my game while I present? I know it’s really short notice but the game itself isn’t too hard to figure out, as the controls are really fairly simple. If anyone can help me out, please let me know. I can also partner with anyone else who needs it

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