Prototype 1


Theme: Home

maniac mansionl

Mechanic: Different rooms with different problems.

Name: <LastName>-Prot1-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: January 29 at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 1

  1. CasGordillo says:

    Cas Gordillo

    (use the ‘space’ bar to click and arrow keys to move)

  2. Joseph Higgins

    apologies for the double post. I accidentally logged in with wordpress.

  3. tpp140130 says:

    Navigate with WASD
    Look around with the mouse and use right click to pan
    Press Q and E to decrease and increase speed respectively (a slow mouse is a quiet mouse)

    Collect the cheese pieces in each room to win, but beware! You are unwelcome in this house!
    Adults will pursue you if they see you so stay out of their line of sight.
    Children are afraid of you and will flee from you unless accompanied by adults.

    Thomas Parish


    Room 1 – Arrow Keys to Move, bounce the cat to dust the room
    Room 2 – Arrow Keys to Move, Avoid the cat and collect the least pieces
    Room 3 – Mouse to move cat. Bounce all other cats out of the yard

    – Audon Archibald

  5. Unfortunately, I ran into issues that I didn’t have time to resolve. Even though I spent hours on it, I still underestimated the time I would need for this aesthetic. But this is what I have:

    Sharon Lougheed

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