Prototype 2


Theme: Home


Mechanic: 2 players one screen asymmetric

Name: <LastName>-Prot2-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: February 5 at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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11 Responses to Prototype 2

  1. Blake Thoennes says:

    Blake Thoennes
    Player1: WASD & V
    Player2: ArrowKeys & Numpad1
    Make sure Num-Lock is turned on.

  2. Evan Fladager says:

    Feline & Vermin Simulator 2016

    – Evan Fladager

  3. CasGordillo says:

    My Dad’s Home!

    player 1: WASD + ‘space’
    player 2: arrows keys + ‘space’

  4. Hunger Game

    Player 1: WASD + Spacebar
    Player 2: Arrow Keys + Enter Key

    -Joseph Higgins

  5. tpp140130 says:

    Scorpion FINAL

    Scorpion is a party game in which one player plays “The Scorpion”, stinging as many people as possible by touching them, causing them to freeze. Another player plays “The Frog”, trying to identify which person is “The Scorpion”; if they’re identified, The Frog wins!

    Scorpion- WASD to move, F to sting when in contact with a NPC.

    Frog- Identify The Scorpion by clicking on their sprite with the mouse.

    Once the timer reaches 0, the game is over. Try to earn a high score by stinging as many people as possible before being identified.

    Thomas Parish

    • axp148830 says:

      Player 1 has a flash light while player 2 doesn’t has a flash light but he can push crates or barrels out of the way. Find all the pizza to win.

      Ariel Pak(Aaron)

  6. andreiosypov says:

    Doug and Mandy FINAL
    in menu, use arrows and enter. Everything else is explained in game.

    -Andrei Osypov

  7. Shane Ellason says:

    Nerf Warz FINAL

    Player 1 (Left Side): WSAD Movement + Space to shoot
    Player 2 (Right Side): Arrow Key Movement + Ctrl to shoot

    -Shane Ellason

    This is broken unfortunately. If it weren’t, player 1 would have “wasd” and “qe” keys and player 2 would have left mouse button.

    -Sharon Lougheed

  9. neonfraction says:
    Player1: wasd+e
    Player2: arrow+ctrl
    up, down, enter for menu controls
    -Christen Abma

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