Prototype 4


Theme: Cartoons.


Mechanic: One character two perspectives.

The player must be able to move back and forth between the perspectives.
Name: <LastName>-Prot4-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: February 19 at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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9 Responses to Prototype 4

  1. Evan Fladager says:

    Derelict Exploring Simulator 2016

    – Evan Fladager

  2. Blake Thoennes says:

    The Conquest of Long Leg Jed
    Blake Thoennes

  3. CasGordillo says:

    catacomb crawl
    (half my collisions stopped working last minute so the game doesnt really play, but I wanted to at least show what I did)
    Cas Gordillo

  4. axp148830 says:
    Left & Right – move

    Ariel Pak(Aaron)

  5. Russell Wiley says:

    Cow vs Aliens
    Arrows to move.
    Space to shoot milk;
    shift for shield

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