Prototype 5


Theme: Robot Kitties


Mechanic: Self-driven “Artificial Life” simulator.

Name: <LastName>-Prot5-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe
Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600
Due: February 26 at 1PM

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14 Responses to Prototype 5

  1. CasGordillo says:
    NOT THE FINAL ok I just wanna see if anyone can help me with the issues in here when they see them? I can’t really describe them that well aside from sometimes objects get stuck on nothing and won’t move? Then it catches the ai too and idk what to do (I know there’s more but that’s just the main one–literally ANY help is appreciated)

  2. Evan Fladager says:

    Mr. Gato Roboto’s Amazing Life
    – Evan Fladager

  3. Cyber Kitty Thunderdome
    Press F1 to go back to the title.

    -Joseph Higgins

  4. Blake Thoennes says:

    Kitten Simulator
    WASD = move camera
    Blake Thoennes

  5. tpp140130 says:

    Press shift and use the mouse to pan the screen.
    -Thomas Parish

  6. andreiosypov says:

    Use mouse to select cat. Use A and D to change game speed.

    Andrei Osypov

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