Prototype 6


Theme: Robot Kitties


Mechanic: A means for the player to improve the “lives” of robot kitties.

Name: <LastName>-Prot6-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe
Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600
Due: March 4th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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13 Responses to Prototype 6

  1. CasGordillo says:

    robokitty care
    cas gordillo
    left mouse button – pink kitty
    right mouse button – lavender kitty

  2. Mecha Kitty Thunderdome 2

    Spacebar – Moves nearby Kitties toward the cursor
    Shift – Throws fire at the cursor location (Stops the evil Mech Kitty)

    -Joseph Higgins

  3. Blake Thoennes says:

    Kitten Simulator V2
    WASD: Move Camera
    Left Click: Fill Food, Clean Water, Hit Ball
    Middle Click: Laser Pointer
    Left or Right Click on Cat: View stats. (Click on ground to hide stats)

    Blake Thoennes

  4. jesusjmora says:

    Kitty Play Pen
    Mouse Clicker Game
    R to restart


  5. shanee2325 says:
    Kitty Kats
    Z,X,C all spawn different items that the kats interact with.

    Shane Ellason

  6. Alex Larkins says:

    spacebar to start
    left click to drop power up

    Alexander Larkins

  7. tpp140130 says:

    Thomas Parish- Update with controls
    Shift + drag mouse: Pan around the screen
    Click on CAT: Make target CAT become active
    (Active CATs will follow orders)
    Click on “X” button: Set all CATs to inactive
    Numpad 1: Attack Command (Active CATs will move to mouse’s location, engaging enemies along the way)
    Numpad 2: Defend Command (Active CATs will move to mouse’s location and will not engage until destination is reached)
    Numpad 3: Flee Command (Active CATs will move opposite to the mouse’s location, firing on enemies but not engaging)
    Numpad 4: Follow Command (As Attack Command, but will follow the Engineer)

    Engineer– The CAT Factory occasionally spawns an Engineer to aid the CAT army
    W: Forward thrust
    A, D: Adjust Angle
    Right Click: Healing Beam (Restores energy and health to CATs and does small damage to enemies)

    Click on mice to kill
    Click on dead battery to reenergize a bit
    Click on completely unenergized cats to reenergize a bit
    Sharon Lougheed

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention some things:
    You essentially just use left mouse button to interact. You can hurt and remove dead wolves by clicking on them. You should be able to remove dead cats so new ones will spawn in. You can click on mice to remove them. You can partially re-energize the battery and cats.

    You can also debug rain by pressing R, but I had difficulty adding it in naturally. (The timeline wouldn’t work.)

    Also, my game isn’t a virus!

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