Prototype 8


Theme: Mars: The red planet.


Mechanic: Visible dice rolling mechanic using any traditional dice except d100.

Name: <LastName>-Prot8-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe
Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600
Due: March 25th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.
-Dr. Christopher

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7 Responses to Prototype 8

  1. Blake Thoennes says:

    Blake Thoennes
    Astroknights from Space – Mars Edition
    N=Select J=Back WASD=Move Cursor

  2. andreiosypov says:

    Doug’s Fight
    Player 1: WASD and JKL
    Player 2 (if in 2 player mode): arrows and 23Enter on numpad
    also, change game speed with [ and ]

    The game above is probably not completed yet if you are checking it out before 1PM on 3.25.2016. Please beware.

    Andrei Osypov

  3. shanee2325 says:

    Arrow keys to move, space to jump, control to fight

    Shane Ellason

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