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Final Project: Final Presentation

Upload your final build here and be prepared to demonstrate and present it for 3-5 minutes. Make sure you have a partner to play your game while you explain it. Good luck and have fun. -Dr. Christopher Advertisements

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Final Project: Tech Support

Please feel free to use this post to ask each other questions and provide links to usefull resources for finishing your final projects.

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Final Project: Elevator Pitch

On April 22nd each of you will give a 50-70 second elevator pitch. Here are the rules: For every second under 50 you lose 2 points. For every second over 70 you lose 2 points. You can choose: Easy/Medium/Hard. Easy: … Continue reading

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Final Project: Game Selection Day

Each of you will present the two prototypes you are thinking of making into games.  Remember that both of your pitched games have to have scored at least an 8/10 when they were initially graded.  With that in mind, you … Continue reading

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Prototype 10

Theme: Conan the Barbarian. Mechanic: Pick 2: ——- Different rooms with different problems. 2 players one screen asymmetric. The <Player Character> and their trusty <vehicle>. One character two perspectives. Self driven “Artificial Life” simulator. A means for the player to … Continue reading

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