Prototype 10


Theme: Conan the Barbarian.


Pick 2:


Different rooms with different problems.

2 players one screen asymmetric.

The <Player Character> and their trusty <vehicle>.

One character two perspectives.

Self driven “Artificial Life” simulator.

A means for the player to improve the “lives” of the A life.

Ye old run and jump.

Visible dice rolling mechanic.


For this prototype, it is important to pick mechanics that will work well together.


Name: <LastName>-Prot9-<?Title?>-FINAL.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: April 8th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.
-Dr. Christopher

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14 Responses to Prototype 10

  1. Evan Fladager says:
    Barbarian Cheiftan Simulator 2016
    A&D – move
    S – build
    Space – jump
    L-Click – slash

    Evan Fladager


    Conan Dungeon Crawl

    Player 1
    W – Up
    A – Left
    S – Down
    D – Right
    ****Throw Spears with the directional Keys

    Player 2
    Hold Right click near spawned enemies to herd them.

    -Joseph Higgins

  3. CasGordillo says:

    Legend of Zenobia

    arrow keys to move + jump
    ‘x’ to use sword

    – cas gordillo

  4. andreiosypov says:

    Doug’s Conan Dating Simulator

    WASD and Enter

    Andrei Osypov

  5. Blake Thoennes says:

    Akiro’s Quest
    Blake Thoennes

  6. Shane Ellason says:

    Arrow keys to move
    Space to jump

    Shane Ellason

  7. axp148830 says:
    player1: A-Z to shoot
    player2: Arrow to move, Mouse to Aim

    Ariel Pak(Aaron)

    Load Commends for Arnold with WASD and the num pad
    Load Comments for Conan with Arrow keys and num pad
    use space to switch between comment sets.
    select back and forth winning character with the mouse.
    List of comments

  9. Alex Larkins says:

    Conan & Mitra

    Conan: WASD to move, spacear to jump

    Mitra: Arrow Keys to move

    Alex Larkins

  10. Christen Abma says:

    Conan, Arrows
    Different rooms with different problems & ye olde run and jump
    Christen Abma

  11. Russell Wiley says:

    Conan: Chasm Jumper
    Arrows to move (Up to jump)
    Space to mount

    -Russell Wiley

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