Final Project: Tech Support


Please feel free to use this post to ask each other questions and provide links to usefull resources for finishing your final projects.

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15 Responses to Final Project: Tech Support

  1. For the three of us doing game #2, I’m free tonight, Monday night, Tuesday from 2-7, and Thursday night. We can also do Friday morning, but that’s cutting it a little close. Get back to me with what times work for you.

  2. Russell Wiley says:

    Hey everyone, still need someone to play my game for my presentation. If anyone is not opposed to jumping around on a horse, let me know. Thanks!

    • Audon says:

      If you didn’t get anyone, I can do it. I’ll be in the ATEC building from around 7pm to late if you wanna player. Lemme know asap.

      • Russell Wiley says:

        I have a class at 7, so I won’t be able to be there immediately. Depending on when “late” is I can try to drop by afterwards.

    • Audon says:

      Is it an hour or three hour class. If it’s an hour, I can hang around.

      • Russell Wiley says:

        It’s 3 hours. Don’t worry about it, I’m gonna figure something else out. Appreciate the help though.

  3. To anyone interested, I’m up on campus until 9. Give me a ring at eight one seven six zero zero two four seven six if you need a presentation player. Open offer to anyone who needs one.

  4. andreiosypov says:

    Not sure where to post the final version of the game. Here it is, though. I’ll get to class 45-30 minutes early if anyone wants to play my game and have me play theirs for the presentations.

    controls are all explained in game, for menu use arrows or WASD and enter.

    for debugging, use numpad 123 for level select and b for boss fight. These shortcuts sometimes crash the game, though, but they are not officially part of the game, so s’all good.

    Andrei Osypov

  5. CasGordillo says:

    I’ll leave mine here as well, just in case

    use the arrow keys to move

    cas gordillo

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