Hello World


Use this post to attach your Game Maker tutorial games.  Feel free to ask questions and give each other advise in the comments.

Here are some helpfull links-
Here is the link download GameMaker from YoYo games:


Here is a direct link to the YoYo games GameMaker tutorials:


Please do any 2 simple tutorials that result in a playable executable, then upload them to this post in a comment. Be sure and name your files as follows:



These files are due by Friday September 2nd at 1PM.

Don’t forget to sign your post with your first and last name.

Thanks, and good luck.

-Dr. Christopher

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28 Responses to Hello World

  1. Mohammad Sobhani says:

    Sobhani-HW1: (Simple Shooter Game -1945)

    Sobhani-HW2: (Rope Physics)

    -Mohammad Sobhani

  2. Matthew Durham says:

    Durham Matthew

    Hw1 (Shooter Game 1945) & Hw2 (Movement)

  3. Talia Henry says:

    Whoops! Forgot to make mine EXEs. Here are the exe files, sorry they’re late!


  4. (Repost) – Mohammad (Max) Sobhani

    Sobhani-HW1: (Simple Shooter Game -1945)

    Sobhani-HW2: (Rope Physics)

  5. devantew says:

    DeVante Williams (Repost)
    Hello World 1-https://utdallas.box.com/s/g7yzkyap4xwx6mhgs2csqqi23sovrig1 (hello world 1 executable link)
    Hello World 2- https://utdallas.box.com/s/40enf0b3r41i2ulrvyfr5m66fy9iene2 (hello world 2 executable link)
    https://utdallas.box.com/s/ov8xd9cmqdpkr0pp5jvjgst0syjas4fi (utd box folder link)

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