Prototype 4


Theme: Space Ship(s)


Mechanic: 2 player split screen cooperative

Note: Some of you are not naming your games with the required format.  I will soon stop accepting games that don’t conform to the naming conventions.

Name: <LastName>-Prot4-<?Title?>-ALPHA.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: September 30th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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19 Responses to Prototype 4

  1. Spencer Reynolds says:

    Spencer Reynolds

  2. Charles Bickford says:

    Charles Bickford

    Controls: Player 1 = WASD, Player 2 = Arrow Keys + Mouse

    NOTE: This is quite unfinished. Rest in peace, prototype #4.

  3. Talia Henry says:

    Talia Henry
    Prototype 4
    CURRENT MAIN GLITCH: Even if you get Slinky and Gronk to the goal, I can’t seem to get the room to progress correctly. So, in theory there’s a win state, but in practice you can’t reach it.

  4. natael94 says:

    Nathanael Gonzalez
    Player 1 WASD and Space
    Player 2 Num Pad

    • natael94 says:

      Since it was requested, here are the snippets of code I used for generating the random elements of the game.

      For the asteroids:
      alarm[0] = 420;

      For asteroid direction:
      if(global.d_flag == 0){
      global.d_flag = 1
      physics_apply_local_force(-5,5, -6000, 3500)
      global.d_flag = 0

      For the enemies:
      if(health > 0 and global.p2_health > 0){
      instance_create(irandom_range(0,1280), irandom_range(0,0), RushEnemy)
      alarm[1]= 180

      I believe that about covers it for the random elements of this game.

  5. Donald Meadows says:

    Donald Meadows

    Player 1:
    W – Accelerate
    A & D – Turn
    C – Fire
    X (hold) – Stun Beam

    Player 2:
    I – Accelerate
    J & L – Turn
    M – Fire
    N (hold) – Stun Beam

  6. Joshua A. Baadsgaard says:

    Joshua Baadsgaard

    Player 1:
    W- Up
    D- Right
    A- Left
    S- Down
    Space- Shoot

    Player 2:

    Up Arrow- up
    Down Arrow- down
    Right Arrow- right
    Left Arrow-Arrow
    Left Mouse Button-Shoot

    • Matthew Bockover says:

      Shooting code:
      In the player events
      drag and drop key press insert
      if alarm[0]<1 {

      the alarm code:
      with (instance_create(x+lengthdir_x(64,phy_rotation*-1), y+lengthdir_y(32,phy_rotation*-1), obj_bullet)){
      phy_bullet = true;

  7. Matthew Bockover says:

    A-turn left
    D-turn right

    LEFT-turn left
    RIGHT- turn right

    Get to the freight to the drop off

    • Matthew Bockover says:

      Forgot to add, little guy has 2 lives big guy has 4
      hitting the asteroid takes 1 life
      I will be adding life counters in later iterations
      press R to restart game

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