Prototype 8


Theme: I hope we solve this mystery.


Mechanic: An inventory system.

Note: you should have at least 5 USEFUL items in your prototype.

Name: <LastName>-Prot8-<?Title?>-ALPHA.exe

Resolution: 640X480 or 800X600

Due: October 28th at 1PM

Good luck and have fun.

-Dr. Christopher

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15 Responses to Prototype 8

  1. Ian Goza says:

    arrow keys to move
    1-5 (digits not numpad) to remove items from your inventory

  2. robtheritch says:

    WASD – movement
    R – Reset the game
    Mouse – Investigate

  3. Eric Larson says:

    Eric Larson

    right click to move
    left click to select items or talk to people

  4. devantew says:

    DeVante Williams
    Prototype 8 Alpha: Swag Master’s Search for Epic Loot (utd box link) (executable link [utd box]) (plan/ideas jpeg link [utd box])

  5. Charles Bickford says:

    Charlie Bickford

    WASD to move,
    E to interact

    It’s almost 7am and I’m dying inside

  6. Talia Henry says:

    Point and Click. B to access inventory, P/ESC for pause menu.

  7. Cody McCallum says:
    W = move forward
    S = move backwards
    Mouse to aim, left click to shoot

  8. natael94 says:

    Nathanael Gonzalez
    WASD for movement.
    E to interact.
    Q to open the inventory.

  9. Donald Meadows says:

    Donald Meadows

    WASD: Move Character
    F: Interact
    R: Reset game
    G: Shut down game

    Mouse over inventory to reveal it, click on an item to activate it. Interact-able items are shown by displaying an exclamation mark above the character’s head.

  10. Matthew Bockover says:

    WASD to move
    E to open inventory
    click and drag items to inventory when inventory is open

  11. Matthew Bockover says:

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