Final Project: Final Presentation


Upload your final build here and be prepared to demonstrate and present it for 3-5 minutes.  After you present it, you will have an additional 5 minutes for Q&A.

Make sure you have a partner to play your game while you explain it.

Good luck and have fun.
-Dr. Christopher


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19 Responses to Final Project: Final Presentation

  1. devantew says:

    DeVante Williams (utd box folder link) (utd box executable file link)
    Note: I kept trying to create a single runtime executable for my final version, but I kept getting an alert from my antivirus software saying a trojan was detected in the single runtime executable. I tried it out with the other versions and they turned out fine. I have in my utd box folder the NSIS executable, since that was the only executable type I could manage to create without my antivirus deleting it to protect my computer. My apologies for the improper file type.

  2. Charles Bickford says:

    Charlie Bickford

    I haven’t slept and I’m dying inside

  3. Talia Henry says:

    Talia Henry

    Boy, it’s been a semester, hasn’t it?

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