Failure Paper

Using the excel file you have all been emailed, rate yourselves on your ability to implement specific mechanics in game maker.  Please add 5-9 mechanics in the provided black spaces.  These should be things you hope to learn in game maker, or things you have learned that are not already on the list.

After you have filled out the spreadsheet, write 500-700 words about what have been your biggest challenges in game maker so far, and list three things you are especially proud to have figured out.

Filename: <LASTNAME>failure paper.doc

Due: Friday, October 13th, by 1PM

-Dr. Christopher

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17 Responses to Failure Paper

  1. George Luetkemeyer says:

    George Luetkemeyer

  2. Nicholas Stitten (nas160930) (nas6633) says:

    Nicholas Stitten
    Stitten-Failure Paper

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