Here is a link to download Game Maker from Yo Yo Games:

Here are links to some tutorial pages:
Tutorial 1: Click Here
Tutorial 2: Click Here

Here is a YouTube video about exporting executables from Game Maker:
Game Maker Executable Video

Here is a link to some free game art:

3 Responses to Resources

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  2. Patrick Ward says:

    For sprite resources from basically every game ever, visit

    For backgrounds from a ton of different games, try out

    Background Headquarters hasn’t updated in forever, but they should still be a valuable resource (I wouldn’t imagine someone would pay for the hosting/domain name just to let the site be broken and worthless).

  3. Sean Fagan says:

    For help getting started with “parenting” (aka code inheritance) in GameMaker, I found this UCSC lecture. It’s from 2006 but it deals more with the ideas than the code, so it isn’t too outdated.

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