Prototype 1

Theme: College

Mechanic: A sequence of problems.  There must be at least 3 problems to solve.

Please refer to the Game Standards page.

Due: January 30th at 10AM

Name: <LastName>

Good luck.
-Dr. Christopher

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Hello World

Use this post to attach your Game Maker tutorial games. You may turn in the tutorial we built in class today, or you may use both of the tutorials listed under Resources on this blog.

You may turn in up to 2 tutorials.  They must be packaged as a zip.  Name them as follows:



Upload your files someplace where they can be readily downloaded, and then post links to them in the comments section of this post.  Be sure and sign your comment with your full name. The files are due  January 23, before 10AM.

-Dr. Christopher

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Final Project: Final Presentation

Upload your final build and be prepared to demonstrate and present it.

You will have a total of 5 minutes to pitch your game.
There will be 2 minutes between games for people to prepare.
Make sure you have a partner to play your game while you explain it.

Be sure to mention the following:

What is your name?

What is the name of your game?

What do I do in your game?

How do I win?

What are the core mechanics?

Why is your game unique?


Due date: Monday, December 3rd, 1PM

File name: <LAST NAME>-<Title>-<Prototype#>-gold.exe

Good luck and have fun.
-Dr. Christopher

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Final Project: Elevator Pitch


On Monday, November 26th each of you will give an elevator pitch in class.  Here are the rules:

Your target time is 60 seconds.

For every second under 50 you lose 2 points.

For every second over 70 you lose 2 points.

You can choose: Easy/Medium/Hard.

Easy: Starting score is 90. Every 3 times you say “um” or an equivalent, you lose 1 point. If you get hung up for more than 8 seconds, I will make you stop and restart.

Medium: Starting score is 100 every 2 times you say “um” or an equivalent, you lose 1 point. If you get hung up for more than 4 seconds, I will make you stop and restart.

Hard: Starting score is 110 and I will reset you if you ever say “um” or an equivalent. I will also restart you if you get hung up for more than 2 seconds.

Every reset costs you 10 points, regardless of difficulty level.

After your third failed attempt, I give you a 70 and you are done.

This score will make up 15% of the project grade.

Challenge mod: The Wall.

Your talking points should include:

What is your name?

What is the name of your game?

What do I do in your game?

Why is your game unique?

Note: You will lose points for discussing any of the following: story; what you DID NOT put in the game; your struggle with making the game.

Your goal should be to sound professional, positive, and glad to be working on this awesome project.

Additionally, please attach the following to the post:

1) Your “completely” bug free version of your game so far. This bug free version will be worth 20% of your final game’s grade. It should be named:


2) Your game UX flow chart

As a reminder, the grade for you final project follows this equation:

Elevator pitch (15%) + Bug free build (20%) + Final Presentation (15%) + Final Build of game (50%) = 100%

-Dr. Christopher

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Final Project: Game Selection Day

Each of you will present the two prototypes you are thinking of making into games.   With that in mind, you need to do the following:

  1. Take a screen shot from each of your hopeful prototypes. Place these 2 screenshots side by side in a single image named <lastname>-<selection>.jpg.
  2. Include the prototype numbers and requirements in the image.
  3. Be ready to speak to the class for 5 minutes about your chosen prototypes and how you would develop them.

I expect you to then get a quick vote from the class to help you determine if one prototype seems more likely than the other.

I have emailed each of you a list of the prototypes that are eligible for final projects.  In the event that a person does not have a prototype that recieved high enough ratings, then the email will assign a prototype as your final project.  If you are assigned a final prototype in this manner, you will not be presenting, but your attendence is still expected and recorded.

-Dr. Christopher

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Prototype 9


Theme: Pick one of the previous themes from this semester

Mechanic: Pick 2 of the previous mechanics from this semester

Due: Nov 5 at 1PM
Good luck,
-Dr. Christopher

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Prototype 8

Theme: Lovecraft’s Cthulhu verse

Mechanic: multiple perspectives
You must use at least 2 different perspectives. The player must have a reason to move back and forth between the perspectives.

For those of you who don’t know Lovecraft, here is a link to his writings:

Due: Oct 29 at 1PM
Good luck,
-Dr. Christopher

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